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24th & 25th
Daoist Partner Training (Canberra)

2 half day workshops hosted by the awesome Praksis facility in Canberra! Both days will be focused on partner training in the tradition of Da Xuan.

On Saturday we will look at partner training for grounding, the capacity to hold our position in space with both strength and relaxation. A critical part of our training, the partner provides a 'reality check' for our felt sense of grounding, progressively providing more and more chaos to our situation so we can know our grounding works regardless of the environment.

On Sunday we will use partner exercises to train relaxation and coordination. These drills will help the mind communicate with the body in clarity, and without resistance, so we can move in the directions we want to move without fighting ourselves, and respond with ease to changes in the environment (provided kindly by our partners ;)).

Participants can come to either workshop as a stand alone event, or both for a full weekend of immersion into Daoist practices. There are no prerequisites for the workshop, all are welcome regardless of age or ability, and all exercises can be scaled accordingly.

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**Praksis members are eligible for a discount. Contact Tom or Craig for the discount code.

Praksis, G08/15 Provan St, Campbell ACT 2612
24th & 25th July
1:30PM - 4:30PM (both days)
140 (single day)*
230 (both days)*
Praksis members eligible for discount
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I generally have a few workshops in the pipeline at any point in time. They will be posted above and announced as soon as they are confirmed.

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