Craig Mallett

Join my Student Program

If you would like direct and personalized guidance to help you in your internal development, you can join my student program

Training in my student program can be done completely online or with a mix of online and in-person

I will guide you through creating a sustainable, daily practice in which you will explore and develop yourself physically, mentally and emotionally through an engagement of a process of opening and releasing. You do not need any specific or previous experience, we will build everything from the ground up very clearly.

Training with me in the student program includes:

  • Connecting with me via email or messages as often as you need
  • One personal video session per fortnight for questions, form checks and/or theory
  • Guidance on how to create a habit of daily practice
  • Detailed training to develop the process of opening and releasing through the body, breath and mind
  • Access to an online video library containing hundreds of exercises (don’t worry, we don’t have to do them all at once, I will guide you as to which order to approach things in!)
  • Theory and frameworks to orient you in your practice
  • A monthly theory class on zoom only for student-program members only
  • Progressive access to all of my current and future online courses
  • Full access to all of my local classes (if you are in the area)
  • Full access to all of my zoom classes
  • Full access to previously recorded zoom classes and theory lessons
  • Distance or in-person treatments as required and within reason
  • Discounted prices for workshops, retreats, intensives etc
Student Program Inclusions
PAYG (casual)
Ask questions via DM
120 ea
Training Hall Video Library
45 pm / 450 pa
150 ea
120 ea
30 ea
Access to Zoom Archives
student discount
260+ ea
Private Student Group Training

What's Involved?

When you’re ready to start, we can connect by video to go over any questions you have. Once everything is clear, I will send you an invoice. Training begins the moment the invoice is paid, at which point I will grant you access to your first tutorial videos and access to the student program forum in my community area.

The details of what will be trained are specific to each individual. I will help you find a balance specific to you based on the time you want to commit, the training that will help you to confront your issues, and the training that is enjoyable for you. 

In general, I encourage students to work towards daily training. We will begin creating a structural foundation with body practices and over time start introducing practices for breathing/meditation as required. The sessions can be done at any time throughout your day, at a time and length that is suitable for your lifestyle.

This kind of practice is to help us engage with our lives more completely, not replace our lives with training. We can practice a lot if we are feeling inspired but there is no pressure to do any more than a short session each day, and we can even let go of the training completely in order to digest changes when required. The habit of daily short sessions is tricky to build and it is recognized that this habit will sometimes fall away.  It’s not a problem, just get back into it when you are ready and we will continue from there!

Students will receive written instructions and video tutorials, and can check in at any time via direct message or email to ask questions. If you’re local (or are an online student passing through), I will also give you direct instructions during regular classes. I will also be available once per fortnight for a video call or in person session to review anything the student is working on.

Student Fees

Ongoing Fees $850
Paid Quarterly
Ongoing Fees $3000
Paid Yearly

Pricing is in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Fees must be paid in advance, and are not refundable once the training has begun.  You’re always welcome to leave the student program at any point if it’s no longer serving your needs, at which point any consults or classes you attend will attract the regular casual fees. When you leave the program you will also lose access to the video library, however you’re still very welcome (and encouraged) to continue participating in and contributing to the public online community spaces.

If you are interested in training with me, please send me an email by clicking the button below.

These methods work for everyone

Whether you are young or old, athletic or sedentary, these methods will put you in a better relationship with your body. Contact me now to get started, or head on over to the community area and join in the conversations!