Brisbane Workshop – Qi Gong of the Da Xuan Family – Feb 2022


A ticket for Craig Mallett’s Qi Gong of the Da Xuan Family workshop being held at Bardon Counselling and Natural Therapy Centre, Brisbane on Sunday 20th of February 2022.

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Qi gong (also called nei gong – internal training) is a practice that combines basic physical motions or static postures with breathing, work on sensations and circulation. The Da Xuan Family Qigong is a specific approach that will develop the internal qualities in a clear and methodical way with no need for esoteric fluff. The internal qualities are:

    • Feeling
      Training to develop capacity to feel what is already there in more detail, whether it be the physical structures (your physical limits/skin, muscles, connective tissue, bones and eventually organs), your circulation, or other subtle sensations. In the tradition we say tension blocks feeling, so you will learn to relax deeply to feel more and more intricate details of what is going on within and around you.
    • Uniting
      A united body moves in complete harmony with greatly increased circulation and superior structural strength. This makes you both stronger and more resistant to injuries, while also increasing the possibility of feeling in even more detail.
    • Grounding
      This is the energetic counterpart of the physical grounding. We learn to drop our weight and feelings of circulation down into the ground while simultaneously extending high into the sky by letting go of tension. As this aspect of our internal training grows, more possibility for deeper work becomes available and ignites a general feeling of being very settled, solid and stable. It is said in the tradition that the trees with the deepest roots can grow the tallest!

Sunday February 20th: 9am – 1pm

Bardon Counselling and Natural Therapy Centre
151 Boundary Rd, Bardon QLD 4065

Early Bird:  $110 (expires 2 weeks prior to workshop)
Regular: $140

Refunds not available after early bird prices expire 2 weeks prior to workshop