Brisbane Workshop – Internal Alchemy – Nov 2021


A ticket for Craig Mallett’s Internal Alchemy workshop being held at Bardon Counselling and Natural Therapy Centre, Brisbane on Sunday 28th of November 2021.

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Internal alchemy (called nei dan – internal elixir) takes the foundation built in Primordial Breathing and refines it even further, condensing your energetic feeling and bringing you a real experience of circulation and each of your centers:

    • The lower center, which is perfectly open and available from your birth until your death. Bringing your awareness to the lower center is the fundamental basis of the energy work, it is the source of your vitality, the “battery” of your body. Practices involve ‘heating’ the center and bringing feeling to specific points along the spine (Governing Vessel) and front line (Conception Vessel).
    • The middle center, which is either open or closed depending on your personal history.  Your relationship to your emotions and to other people directly depends on this middle center, and training with it allow you to release yourself from the imbalances which tint your emotional perceptions, causing them to be over-inflated or suppressed.
    • The upper center, which is closed by default and can only be opened with specific training. It allows a clear perception of the world and opens the practitioner to infinity, to the mysterious.

Training in internal alchemy begins with an awareness of your breath and of your center, these being the essential basis to increase vitality. Without a sufficient amount of energy, it is impossible to work. You then learn to make this energy circulate in your body to feed your entire defensive system and amplify the general circulation of body fluids and energy. Only then can you explore the limits of your body, from the deepest center to the furthest borders of the outside world, sharing with the world and nourishing from it. This last step will become increasingly refined and lead the practitioner to return to a natural, fluid and constant exchange with the Universe.

Sunday November 28th: 9am – 1pm

Bardon Counselling and Natural Therapy Centre
151 Boundary Rd, Bardon QLD 4065

Early Bird:  $110 (expires 2 weeks prior to workshop)
Regular: $140

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