I am trained in the shamanic and energetic healing methods of the Da Xuan tradition, primarily treating ailments of internal imbalance. 

What does this mean? The Daoist view of health treats the circulation as being of primary importance. Circulation means the new is brought in and the old is moved out, and if everything is circulating well, we consider someone to be in good health. We must understand that this doesn’t mean that we aren’t having any troubles, but rather that we are processing our troubles properly and not getting stuck on them. 

In the physical, literal sense, this refers to the free circulation of blood, hormones, lymph and so on. When these bodily fluids get stuck and cannot circulate and be refreshed, we end up with all kinds of problems: chronic injuries that won’t finish mending, viruses that linger too long, or muscular tension that becomes a source of overuse aches and pains, and so on.

We must also consider the less physical aspects of ourselves. Our emotions need to circulate properly, going through their natural cycle and ending, as must our thoughts, ideas and other mental activity. When we are unable to properly process our emotions or mental activity, they can get stuck on loop, repeating endlessly in the unconscious or conscious background until they are given enough attention to finish their cycle. When they stay stuck for too long, we can often also have issues that trickle down into our physical body, bringing about pains or numbness or other problems.

The healing sessions that I offer work to provoke these ‘stuck’ energies into motion again so they may finish their proper cycle – clearing the blockage so to speak. Sometimes after a session the cycle resolves itself in the unconscious, meaning we don’t really understand what happened but we feel better in a few days. Often, however, it requires the conscious attention of the patient – getting to know a previously dormant area of the body, or having a troubled emotion or idea bubble to the surface so it can run its course in full awareness. This can feel to some people like the issue got worse, however it’s more the case that the issue was always there but it’s just now being seen more completely – which gives the patient the opportunity to do something about it and find a resolution.

For issues that are more mechanical in nature, these sessions can bring circulation to the affected area to help it go through its proper healing process, but in most cases stronger physical intervention is also required. Typically this will be accomplished through the use of both Tui Na (massage techniques) and exercises that I will prescribe to you that you will need to continue practicing after we are done. 

The quality of the healing will be directly proportional to how much importance and attention you give to the process of healing and the required exercises. Do you forget about it all the moment you finish the session and return to the habits which made you unwell in the first place, which tells your unconscious that you’re not actually that interested in getting better? Or do you give it your first priority, making sure you are tending to your recovery each day with more importance than watching TV or playing with a phone?

Practically speaking, the healing session itself involves the patient sitting or lying in silence while I treat you by gently laying my hands on or over various areas or points of your body, occasionally massaging if required. During this time your feelings and perceptions may vary depending on how you react to the change occurring within. These manifestations are different from the result which will come within the next days and weeks as your mind, body and emotions digest the changes and the cycles of circulation move through various stages.

Private Consultation

I offer private one-on-one and small group consultations and training sessions. They are an opportunity for me to come to you if you cannot make my public classes and workshops, or if you just want some more personalized attention. These sessions can be tailored to your specific needs or wants, however generally they involve one or more of these categories:

    • Balancing your lifestyle
      Learning which activities you can undertake or remove from your life to help promote balance and regulate your issues.
    • How to create a personal practice
      This is an introductory session that will leave you with an ongoing personal practice to continue on your own for the coming weeks or months. The session will include discourse on the relevant theory and frameworks, as well as a selection of exercises suited to your personal situation and instruction on how to perform the exercises properly.
    • Updating your personal practice
      This is a follow on session for those who already have a practice going. I will answer any questions you have had arise from doing your practice, give you new/more exercises to continue building on what we began with, do form checks and corrections for existing exercises, and generally explain deeper aspects of the approach.
    • Regular practice and partner work
      If you wish to work more regularly on partner based exercises I am available for ongoing, regular private sessions where we meet as many times per week or per month as you would like. These sessions are ideal for working on the more martial aspects of the tradition: physical grounding and structure work, coordination, push hands, testing qualities and application training. Training with the pressure of a partner helps us to express our qualities under less ideal circumstances than we have when training alone.
    • One on One: $100/hour
    • Please contact me directly to discuss pricing for private groups
    • Book in for 4 sessions (typically doing one per week) and receive a 20% discount.
    • Cancellations: If you need to cancel your session, please provide at least 24 hours notice. Cancelling with less than 24 hours notice will attract a $50 cancellation fee.

*NB: Healing can only be done one on one.


I had the privilege of receiving a Daoist Healing treatment from Craig Mallett in Brisbane the other day. It was awesome to experience someone with an actualised and consistently cultivated energetic system weave their subtle magick with me.

I experienced many channels / myofascial pathways activate and efficiently reorganise themselves in my system, a revitalisation of vital organs, all supported by Craig’s prolonged and consistent presence and internal movement.

I often experience practioners dissociate and checkout from their treatments, (awareness is energy / intelligence), it was refreshing to witness someone ‘stick around’ and remain in connection, giving my own body-mind the space to reorganise and function more intelligently.

(in-person  session, Brisbane)

Trevor Wills


BioEnergetic Release

I have seen Craig twice for healings. The first time was for a cyst on my knee that had been diagnosed through MRI. I was unable to bend my knee fully for months. Within two days of seeing Craig I had full movement back in my knee and the stiffness has not returned in 3 months. 

The second time I saw him was for a recurring abdominal pain problem I’ve had since a young child. Usually this pain has me crippled for days and often left me hospitalised. After seeking a healing from Craig upon this pain beginning, not only was I not crippled in pain for days, I was fine by the evening – which is unheard of. 

I can not recommend Craig’s healings enough, he is the real deal and a truly talented human being.

(in-person  session, Brisbane)

I contacted Craig for a distance shamanic healing session to help me with some persistent tensions in my articulations. After taking the time to meet me over videocall to better understand the nature of my problem, Craig did an energetic healing session to help release the tension in my joints. Despite being completely offline and long-distance (from Australia to UK), I felt very clearly when the session started and ended. Craig gave me written feedback and some targeted exercises to help strengthen and relax my psoas muscles. I have been doing these simple and quick exercises every day for the past few months and noticed great improvement in my hip tensions. 

I strongly recommend Craig’s shamanic healing session to anyone who has been experiencing chronic physical or emotional tensions.

(distance session, Brisbane – London)

Guillemette Villemin


Student Coordinator

I have had some neck issues from Brazilian Jujitsu that have been bothering me for a while. One treatment from Craig and the neck pain and stiffness was reduced by at least 70%. I can’t even begin to explain what that has done to my quality of life. 

Craig is knowledgeable and has real skills in the healing arts. I would recommend to anyone dealing with any chronic pain to try a healing from him. You will be happy you did.

(distance session, Brisbane – New York)

Robert Vuksanovic


Da Xuan New York

Craig reached out to me to offer a distance healing session at a turning point in my life this winter.  I had finally gathered the courage to leave a dangerous living and personal situation, and was feeling confident, yet quite unstable and not myself.

I try not to expect or project too many sensorial phenomena during these kinds of treatments, but I did notice my body clearly wanting to ‘pull’ to the lower right as I lay still on my back.  When we debriefed after the treatment, Craig told me there was a lot of activity going on in my right knee, before I volunteered what I was feeling.

Obviously it is impossible to say 100% how much the treatment was responsible for me making such a strong and healthy recovery from that life situation that caused me to accept the treatment, but both myself and those close to me were extraordinarily surprised at how quickly I bounced back to a healthier and happier self assured person after that evening. 

Keep in mind though – these sorts of treatments are subtle and work on non-manifested levels – you don’t go see your shamanic healer because you got a splinter in your arm.

I strongly recommend seeking treatment from this dedicated and experienced practitioner of the Da Xuan school and its healing methods.

(distance session, Brisbane – Montreal)

Jordan Whitten


Daoist Therapy

I have received several healing treatments from Craig, both in person and distance, over a number of years, for several different problems.

The most recent issue was a recurrent “niggle’ in my upper back that would flare up occasionally and cause sharp pain with neck movement, and a tightness at the base of my throat. Even though this seemed a fairly simple problem to me, it was persistent and recurrent, even with conventional treatment and exercise intervention. I had been noticing that the flare ups were not necessarily related to a mechanical cause, but were always around stressful or emotional events in my life.
I contacted Craig in Brisbane, although I had some reservations about the whole distance thing. We had a discussion about my issue, before doing the healing session. It was immediately clear when the session started and ended.
The results were direct, and very effective, and unfolded over the following few days. I have not had the pain come back in 4 and a half months, which is wonderful.
Additionally, I have had an increased kyphotic curve in my upper back since childhood, something I have worked hard on with physical practices over a number of years to change. Since the healing there has been a dramatic change in my posture and open-ness in my chest and throat, and my kyphosis is now normal. The Daoist physical exercises have a large part to play, however I feel the healing was the catalyst.
I would definitely recommend Craig, he is an experienced, practical teacher and healer with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

(distance session, Brisbane – Canberra)

David Witheridge