Corporate & Business

Having worked in the federal Australian government for almost 10 years, I am intimately aware of the stresses that come with working long hours indoors, at a computer, or against the mammoth turning gears of bureaucracy. It is clear to me that a change of culture is needed in our workplaces, as the way we do things currently tends to pile stress on top of more stress to try and improve production.

This common strategy of pushing infinitely, asking staff to suck it up and just get on with working more and more is not particularly viable. When staff members are stressed, their productivity will decrease, meaning they take longer to do less work with a lower quality. On the flip side, if the staff are relaxed, happy and full of vitality, they can get more done in less time with higher quality. This means not only are the staff able to enjoy a better quality of life, with more spare time for family, social time and creativity, but the business benefits too by having higher quality output.

In Da Xuan we say if you want to change the group, each individual within the group must change. We also say that for a balance which creates vitality, Yin and Yang must be treated with equal importance. In the workplace, the boss/leaders are the Yang side of the equation, and the workers/staff are the Yin side of the equation. If we are to change the workplace, both the leaders and the staff must be willing to accept the necessity of adjusting themselves to encourage evolution of the whole.

Workplace Advice

Practitioners of Da Xuan have been advising government and businesses for many hundreds of years. The methods we use are tried and tested, proven over countless generations.

In my corporate workshops, I will present staff with some of these methods. They are simple techniques that can be used throughout the work day to help gather more energy, refocus, let go of stress and come back to the clarity of being centered. I will also present frameworks, concepts and ideas that demonstrate how this balanced approach is beneficial for all involved, and how the leaders need to be involved in changing workplace culture to encourage an orientation toward vitality that will result in better productivity.


60 minute presentation: $400
Half Day Workshop (3 hours): $1200
Full Day Workshop (6 hours + lunch break): $2000