Become a Student

Casual attendance is available for all classes. Please see the class timetable for details.

However, for those wanting to study more seriously, you can become a student of the tradition. This is the in-person counterpart to the online training I have available (please read the linked page thoroughly to get an idea of what the training is about), however rather than receiving teachings and guidance through video calls, you will receive your training during classes. If, for whatever reason, you cannot attend class, your training will continue via online avenues.

 Being a student also connects you to the Da Xuan tradition and so grants you access to videos and training opportunities with the head of the tradition, Serge Augier, which are only available to committed students of Da Xuan.

Becoming an ongoing student is an option for those wishing to commit themselves to attending regular classes and who wish to support myself and the Da Xuan tradition in a more dedicated way.

Serge Augier with European students

Ongoing students pay a constant regular fee which gives them open access to all classes. There is no discount available for attending less classes. 

They will also receive a 30% discount on private sessions and workshop ticket prices.

Ongoing Fees (paid monthly): $275*
Ongoing Fees (paid quarterly): $750*
Ongoing Fees (paid yearly): $2,700*

*fees are non-refundable