If you would like to dive fully into the Daoist practices of Da Xuan, you can commit to ongoing training with me and become a student of the tradition.

TRAINING with me in this way can be done ONLINE OR IN PERSON.

I will guide you through creating a sustainable, daily practice in which you will explore and develop yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. You do not need any specific or previous experience, nor do you need to cross train in other systems. Everything you need for complete health and spiritual development will be taken care of by the practice itself!

Training includes:

Being a student connects you to the Da Xuan tradition and so grants you access to videos and training opportunities with the head of the tradition, Serge Augier, which are only available to committed students of Da Xuan (available after the initial 3 month period).

Serge Augier with European students

The details of what will be trained are specific to each individual. It’s necessary to find a balance between working on what is needed and working on what is enjoyable. 

I encourage students to do 3 small sessions a day of 10-15 minutes per session (30-45 mins total each day). We use 3 sessions so we can spread our attention between practices for the body, practices for the breath and practices for the mind – each of which are important for our development. The sessions can be done at any time throughout your day.

This kind of practice is to help us engage with our lives more completely, not replace our lives with training. We can practice a lot if we are feeling inspired but there is no pressure to do any more than a few short sessions each day. Even the habit of daily short sessions is tricky to build and it is recognized that this habit will sometimes fall away in the first year or two.  It’s not a problem, just get back into it when you are ready and we will continue from there!

Students will receive written instructions and video tutorials, and can check in at any time via direct message or email to ask questions. If you’re local (or are an online student passing through), I will also give you direct instructions during regular classes. I will also be available once per fortnight for a video call or in person session to review anything the student is working on.


An initial period of 3 months is required to begin the training. After this training becomes ongoing and you can choose to pay quarterly or yearly. Pricing is in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Initial Period (3 months): $900

Ongoing Fees (paid quarterly): $750
Ongoing Fees (paid yearly): $2,700

Fees must be paid in advance, and are not refundable once the training has begun.  If you wish to stop training you may do so at any point, however should you wish to resume again in the future you will need to do the initial 3 month period again.

If you are interested in training with me, please send me an email by clicking the button below.