Craig Mallett

About Me

I started exploring self-cultivation methods in 2003. I have always had a burning curiosity to discover and explore myself and the world around me, starting with the immediate reality of my body. I had many periods where I did the ‘deep dive’ into arts that would help satiate this curiosity, including almost a decade training traditional internal arts with my first internal martial arts teacher, and another decade with my second Daoist teacher (see below for more details). Having a lot of experience with many different modern modalities, mixed with the more traditional studies I have undertaken, brings me a unique vantage point

I specialize in teaching internal and external physical practices, helping people to explore and restore their relationship to their body and internal landscape. I aim to teach methods that are sustainable, not tied down by culture, tradition or lineage, with the idea that we can continue exploring this vast landscape for the rest of our lives. I have done my best to make my teachings of this complex topic as simple and clear as possible so they are accessible to everyone.

I hold classes in Noosa (Australia) and teach workshops around Australia and internationally. I teach online through a variety of avenues, including an online or in person student program, as well as online courses for people who want to get a taste for a more specific part of the training.

I am also trained in both traditional and modern healing methods, which, along with my significant history of working with the physical form, has given me a potent skillset for dealing with physical, emotional and mental troubles.  I am in the progress of adding to my skills by studying Traditional Chinese and Daoist Medicine, along with Bazi, Feng Shui and more.

In general, I love to geek out about this stuff and talk with anyone who is interested, so if you’d like to chat please feel free to drop me an email using the button below.

"With time and practice we can shift the body and the unconscious from being a slave to being an extraordinarily reliable friend, one with which you share a most intimate trust."

Craig Mallett

Past Training

I’m an extremely curious person by nature, and was always inclined to dig, explore and experiment with ways of practicing to learn more about myself and the world around me.

I was lucky enough to formally train with some incredible teachers of wonderful arts listed below:

  • Traditional Daoist arts with Serge Augier [2014 – 2023]
  • Physical Alchemy with Dave Wardman [2013 – 2019]
  • Stretch Therapy with Kit Laughlin and Olivia Allnutt [2011 – 2017]
  • Traditional Chinese internal arts of Xin Yi Liu He Quan (Heart, Mind & Six Harmonies boxing), Cha Quan (Cha family boxing) and Yang Style Tai Chi with my first teacher Dapeng Wang [2003 – 2012]
  • Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness instructor [2012]

Less formally, there are several people who have either directly or indirectly heavily influenced my thinking and approach, and you will find obvious or subtle traces of their approaches throughout my work. These include (in no particular order):

  • Adyashanti (Open Gate Sangha)
  • Emmet Louis (Modern Methods of Mobility)
  • David Grey (David Grey Rehab)
  • Damo Mitchell (Lotus Nei Gong)
  • Simon Thakur (Ancestral Movement)
  • Evolve Move Play (Rafe Kelley)

These people have each made a significant contribution to my education and helped shape who I am today. I am forever indebted to these teachers who dedicated themselves to diving deeply into their chosen arts and were kind enough to share their wisdom with me directly or make it accessible to the public for me to learn from indirectly. 

My personal explorations into physical development were previously done under the handle ‘Aware Relaxed Connected’. In 2017 I decided to dissolve ARC and merged into Physical Alchemy, presenting teachings from my various tinkerings alongside Dave Wardman. Soon after that, it became clear that I wanted to dedicate my attention fully to my Daoist studies, and I broke away from Physical Alchemy to focus on training and teaching on my own. I taught as a formal instructor in the Da Xuan school from 2017 – 2023. As of 2024, I have made the decision to continue my explorations independently from any specific system.

These methods work for everyone

Whether you are young or old, athletic or sedentary, these methods will put you in a better relationship with yourself. Contact me now to get started, or head on over to the community area and join in the conversations!