About Craig

I am an instructor (and student!) of the Daoist tradition called Ba Men Da Xuan, under the direct tutelage of Serge Augier

I started exploring self-cultivation methods in 2003. I accumulated significant experience training with some of the brightest minds in the world (see below) before joining the Da Xuan tradition in 2014. The nature of most endeavours of spiritual exploration or self-cultivation is that there is a lot of potential for getting lost in the fantasy of the ideal – a factor that I have confronted in my own practice more times than I care to count. While this push towards perfection is necessary for our growth, it must be balanced by a pragmatic confrontation with reality. To help keep this balance, I aim to present these practices in a way that is very straightforward and simple, without all the new-age fluff normally associated with such things. I ask my students to lose the fantasies of monks in robes doing elaborate practices, and see that the reality of our current time is that we all have plenty of important and necessary work, social and family commitments. Many systems and traditions ask us to leave our mundane lives behind if we are to develop ourselves deeply and thoroughly, however Da Xuan does not. On the contrary, our tradition sees that it is the very challenges of our ordinary life that drive us and our practice to evolve. There are no special prerequisites to begin this practice, only the desire to put a little time aside each day to take care of ourselves. I work with the regular people of our society – my students are school teachers, public servants, corporate workers, tradespeople, retail workers, fitness enthusiasts, self-employed entrepreneurs  and university students.  

I hold classes in Brisbane, Australia and teach workshops around Australia and internationally. I also teach online through a variety of avenues, which you can learn more about by clicking here. In general, I love to geek out about this stuff and talk with anyone who is interested, so if you’d like to chat please feel free to drop me an email using the button below.


I’m quite a curious person by nature, and was always inclined to dig, explore and experiment with ways of practicing to learn more about myself and the world. Before discovering the Da Xuan tradition, I engaged in dedicated training of many other modalities of practice. Major influences include:

      • Training in the traditional Chinese arts of Xin Yi Liu He Quan (Heart, Mind & Six Harmonies boxing), Cha Quan (Cha family boxing) and Yang Style Tai Chi under my first teacher Dapeng Wang [2003 – 2013]
      • Becoming a certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness instructor [2012]
      • Exploring various systems of training including Physical Alchemy (Dave Wardman), Modern Methods of Mobility (Emmet Louis), Stretch Therapy (Kit Laughlin & Olivia Allnutt), Ancestral Movement (Simon Thakur), Evolve Move Play (Rafe Kelley), Gymnastic Strength Training, Calesthenics, MovNat, Ido Portal Method, Urban Dance, Parkour, Gymnastics, Capoeira, Handstands and more. [2005 – 2018]

While I have chosen not to continue pursuing a practice in any of these arts, they have certainly each influenced me in their own ways and give me a unique perspective to present the traditional Da Xuan practices from.

My personal explorations into physical development were previously done under the handle ‘Aware Relaxed Connected’. In 2017 I decided to dissolve ARC and merged into Physical Alchemy, presenting teachings from my various tinkerings alongside Dave Wardman. However, it soon became clear that I was being called to be more fully involved and engaged with my tradition, Da Xuan, and I broke away to focus on training and teaching this on my own.

While I no longer teach material based on the findings that have emerged from these years of exploration and experimentation with non-Da Xuan material, I still have a few tutorials available on the topics I thought were most important. You can find these on the Video Tutorials page.