Classes in New Farm Park, Brisbane

Classes in New Farm Park, Brisbane

My classes are back in full swing. Besides the Glenrock retreat weekend, all classes are happening:

Tuesday 9am – 10am: Dao Yin
Saturday 9am – 10:30am: Basics

Shen Gong Online Course Starts Feb 1st

Shen Gong Online Course Starts Feb 1st

Join me for an 8 week dive into the Daoist practices of the mind, called Shen Gong. Registrations are OPEN, and the course will commence on the 1st of Feb. Click the button below for details.

My New Book is Available

My New Book is Available

Last year I published my first book, titled ‘Dancing Between the Opposites: A Daoist Guide to Self-Cultivation’. It’s available right now from most online book stores!

Glenrock Health Retreat 2021

Glenrock Health Retreat 2021

I’ll be teaching at the Glenrock Health Retreat on the 29th, 30th and 31st of January! Looking forward to seeing everyone there


If you’re here, you’re likely interested in my teachings on self-cultivation from the Daoist tradition called Ba Men Da Xuan. I am an instructor of the tradition, and with permission from the guardian of the tradition, Mr Serge Augier, I formally opened the Da Xuan School Sydney in 2017. In 2019 I moved the school to Brisbane, Australia. 

Who am I and what is Daoism? There’s a reasonable amount to it, so I’ve organized this page in a way that will help you navigate everything depending on where you’re at. Just scroll down or use these buttons to skip to a specific section:


If you’re just looking to read a little bit more and get a better idea of what I do, there are a few stops you can make:


You’ve read a little, it sounds interesting and now you’d like to do something. There are a few avenues for trying it out without committing to anything long term, including local classes (currently in Brisbane, Australia), workshops around Australia and Europe, and online courses:


If you’re ready to get stuck into the training, you can become an ongoing student of mine. Students will receive more precise guidance with planning for the long term, and will officially be recognized as a student of the Da Xuan tradition. Along with the training I provide, you will have the possibility of accessing private workshops, initiations and online resources run by my teacher or other instructors that are for Da Xuan students only. 

Ongoing students will receive video instructions online, and guidance either in person for local students or via video call for online students. Click the button below for more details.


Finally, you can also find many pictures and videos of my classes and workshops on my Instagram feed below. As they say, a picture is worth 1000 words and often the most precise description in the world will not give nearly as clear an impression as a picture or video can.

If you’ve been through all of this and are interested in more information, please feel free to email me! I’ll be more than happy to go into further detail with you.